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Peak yearly classes are set up on a 10 month, 36 class cycle. All classes meet 36 times from mid August to mid June.

Peak observes a similar calendar to the Jefferson County School system. We begin as local schools begin in August and follow (unless otherwise noted) the same vacation schedule and closures throughout the year.

Each January we host a full school Recital in house at the Gray Duchess Theatre.  Classes culminate with a June Recital, held at a theatre in Denver, with our largest and most beautifully comprehensive expression of the year's hard work.

Combines strength, grace and flexibility to create unique and beautiful dances in silk fabrics and on the ground. Students learn skills, while developing strength to progress through beginning to advanced levels. Testing is required at each level in order to progress. This class is open to participants ages 6 and up. Dance skills or gymnastics skills strongly recommended.  |  Ages 6+, Levels 1-3

Aerial Dance

A genre of dance that incorporates elements of classical ballet and modern dance. Although it employs classical ballet technique, it allows greater range of movement of the upper body and is not constrained to the rigorously defined body lines and forms found in traditional, classical ballet. Peak's Contemporary Ballet Program allows student so to explore the fundamentals of Ballet in a relaxed and open setting. Our classes may also contain elements of Pilates and Yoga to help students gain an understanding of body alignment and safe movement. This path does not lead to Pointe. |  Ages 6+, Levels 1-5

Contemporary Ballet

Classical Ballet

A traditional, formal style of dance that adheres to classical ballet techniques. It is known for its aesthetics and rigorous technique (such as point, turn out of the legs and high extensions), its flowing, precise movements, and its ethereal qualities.  Our instructors pull from a variety of different approaches; Cecchetti and Vaganova. Our goal is to guide each individual to reach their personal best with sound technique, artistic quality and an appreciation for all aspects of the art of ballet.  We aim to foster artistry and performance technique by incorporating creativity, imagination and expressiveness while focusing on musicality, poise, grace, strength, flexibility and alignment.  Students are exposed to ballet history and are surrounded by a nurturing and supportive environment where they are guided to create personal goals while striving for excellence, and cultivate self and mutual respect as they take ownership of their work.  |  Ages 6+, Levels 1-5  

Inspires young students to explore and create movement. Through foods, colors, animals, weather, rhymes and other elements found in the child's home environment, teachers expose students to a variety of different movement forms including Ballet, Tap, Poms, Hip-Hop, Tumbling and Aerial. Three weeks each month are dedicated to teaching students the fundamentals of Ballet and Tap, the forth week of each month is dedicated to exploring additional movement style such as Poms, Hip-Hop, Tumbling or Aerial. Our goal is to give the student a fun filled, safe and enjoyable experience so that they will want to dance for years to come. A schedule is given out the first day of each semester outlines exactly what will be happening in each class and when parents are encouraged to come and watch class.  |  Ages 3-7

Exploratory Program

Designed for students who want to learn the principals and process behind choreography. Students taking this class study a variety of choreographic tools, choreographic styles and choreographic themes. If you are interested in putting your emotions, vision and soul into movement, Exploratory Troupe gives you a safe and fun environment to develop an artistic voice.  |   Advanced dancers only.  Must take a minimum of two level 4+ classes a week.

E.T. Choreography

A physically challenging dance form, focusing  on individuals expressing personal attitudes and thoughts through dance in an improvisational setting. Hip Hop includes many of the Break Dance elements but not all. At each technique level offered at Peak the following areas are addressed: tools of the trade, history, b-boying, b-girling, tumbling, and musicality.  |  Ages 6+

Hip Hop 


Explores a variety of different cultural dance styles with strong roots to both African Vernacular Jazz Dance and Traditional Caribbean Folk Dance. It's technique includes a focus on body isolation's and rhythmical movement. In recent years many styles have emerged: from Luigi to Fosse, from . Today's Jazz has overlapping elements of Hip-Hop as well as Lyrical. Our focus is on creating a strong basic understanding of the fundamentals needed for Jazz dance in the lower levels and branching out into an exploration of different styles at the more advanced levels. |  Ages 6+, Levels 1-5


Employs  story lines or over arching emotional themes to guide the flow and line of movement within at dance. It harnesses the grace of Ballet with the strength of Jazz and Modern to create a magnificent form of visual communication. |  Ages Advanced, Levels 4-5


Designed to build strong and flexible dancers, with an emphasis on power and precision  of movement. These skills coupled with Jazz technique and Hip-Hop movement allows teachers to create entertaining dances with dynamic contrasts, roll-offs, tumbling, partnering and tricks.  |  Ages 6+, Levels 1-5


Focuses on the experience in the process and the underlying ascetics of dance creation and composition. From Graham to Horton these techniques build on themselves and help the dancer to become aware of their body, their space and the intention behind their movement. Basic history will be woven into each lesson explaining modern and the role it has played in the development of dance. This class will participate in the experimental study of the relationship between the dance and music.  |  Ages Advanced, Levels 4-5




An art form, which has it's roots in African, Latin, Irish and English percussive folk dance traditions. It is focused on pattern, musicality and fine articulation of the body and feet. At each level students learn proper strength and stretch techniques, exercises to train them in speed, timing and articulation (called rudiments) as well as gaining a foundational knowledge of musicality. History will be shared with students throughout the year. If you have ever wanted to become part of the music or play an instrument with your body, tap dancing is for you.  |  Ages 6+, Levels 1-5



A multi-disciplinary approach to technique. The class will focus on technical elements that are popular in a wide variety of styles such as Poms, Jazz, Lyrical, and Contemporary.  Students will work on jumps like toe-touches and ring jumps, a variety of leaps ranging from grand jetes to switch leaps, pirouettes, and turning combinations.  This class is perfect to start learning basic turns and leaps, or to challenge technical skills that are already mastered.  | Ages Advanced, Levels 4-5

Turns & Leaps


For dancers, ages 5-18, who are interested in performing professionally or at a high level of expertise. These dancers are either invited or auditioned into their talent group classes. Students in this program are expected to take a variety of classes to give them a broad foundational basis and participate in a wide spectrum of performances. From cruise ship to parade, from stage to school, talent group students are committed performers, who take their dance training to the next level.

This year the Peak Talent Groups will be performing Alice in Winter Wonderland, Jesus Christ Superstar and The Little Mermaid at Peak's Gray Duchess Theater. * Please see the Calender for Dates and Times.

If you or your student is interested in joining the Talent Group Program please, contact Danielle Heller |  See ages below

Talent Groups



Class Levels | by Invitation

Talent Group Classes | by Audition

Download Talent Groups Booklet 2018-19

JUNIOR STARS  |  Ages 5+
Required:  1 hour technique, 45 minutes talent

Required:  2 hours technique, 1 hour talent

Required:  2 hours technique, 1 hour talent

SENIOR TALENT  |    Grade 5 +

COMPANY  |  Grade 7 +


*  Older student groups are grade based, in order to tailor content