Peak Academy of Dance

To watch us dance is to hear our hearts speak - Hopi Indian saying

move. Create. Inspire.

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We offer a wide range of dynamic dance and movement classes to the Colorado Front Range Mountain Community and beyond.  Originally founded in 1978, 2017 celebrates 20 years under the direction of owner and director, Danielle Heller.


Our MIssion

To enhance the connection of body and soul through movement and music.

We believe in a strong and supportive creative environment and in fostering exceptional technique.  Through understanding the fine mechanics of body articulation, we learn to express the depths of the soul and bring that expression to the world.



Ongoing Classes

We invite students ages 3 - 103, beginner to professional, to come and play with new music, new movement and new friends.  This is community focused programming where there's something for everyone!  We offer classes in: Ballet, Contemporary Ballet, Point, Modern, Lyrical, Choreography, Aerial and Circus Arts, Tap, Lyra, Poms, Jazz, Hip Hop and Talent /Performance focus groups.  Students are offered many opportunities to perform through out the year.

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 A young girl is wandering outside in the heart of winter through a frozen land. She feels magic in the air and follows a beautiful river upstream until  a massive, majestic ice crystal appears. Caught by it's glimmer, she stares transfixed into it, noticing to her amazement that the royal castle of a kin and queen begin to materialize. She watches as a story unfolds - one of beauty, struggle and bravery. Ultimately she is shown her own reflection and realizes herself as a part of all she has witnessed - a part of all the faces she has seen in the crystal. Over joyed, she realizes her own friends in the present. Gleefully she wanders home to tell everyone of her journey.... 

We are delighted to have you attend our presentation!  

Tickets are  $9 and handled through the trusted  
Please Remember:

  • Doors open 30 minutes before the show.
  • No Flash Photography or Video allowed
    for the Safety of the performers.