Session Classes

Special offerings that occur in 6 week increments throughout the year

Are you interested in film? This is your chance to explore the skills needed to move into the field of acting for camera. Explore camera conscious, cold reading, learning a script, acting a story.

Acting for Camera


Are you a closet viewer of Dancing  with the Stars? Come out of the closet and get your dancing shoes on. Try Swing, Ballroom and Latin.



Fencing was an art form and combat style during the Reissuance. It’s grace, style and footwork were sought after by all nobility during the Reissuance.



A lot of energy and your not sure where to channel it?  Let your children explore our Kid’s Yoga. This class is geared for students ages 5 years old and older.  Hatha style flow and lot's of fun and challenging poses - kids play with balance, strength, flexibility and focus.

Kid’s Yoga


Enjoying Aerial? Lyra is another apparatus used in many Circus based performances. Come and try 6 weeks of the Lyra hoop and learn the basic principals around using it.

Lyra Dance Exploration


Peak’s Women’s Transformation course is your jumping off point in working toward realizing your physical and emotional potential.  Come join us for the opportunity to make the changes in your life that you keep promising yourself. 

 Women’s Transformation