Peak Academy of Dance

What is Arts Immersion?

A tuition-free public school that integrates middle and high school (grades 6-12) academics with your passion for the arts.  You experience both at the same location, Mon. thru Fri. from 8am - 3pm.  We combine an innovative conservatory-like arts curriculum with individualized, rigorous, high quality online and site-based academic programming.  The result is a smart choice for students planning to attend university arts programs or preparing to enter the ever growing creative marketplace.

We are fully accredited by the Colorado Department of Education, carry an AdvancED accreditation and are under the management of Summit Education Group.  Anyone seeking a flexible and individualized education and opportunity to earn college credit during the high school years (concurrent enrollment), as well as an immersive experience in an art focus of choice, will be well served here!

We offer

  • 3.5 hours of in-studio technique and career training each day
  • concurrent enrollment at local colleges and universities
  • individually guided academic education
  • elective credits for all dance courses
  • professional performing arts faculty
  • transition into college or creative career guidance
  • whole child education
  • ACT testing preparations
  • flexibility to attend outside performances, work with professionals and experience guest artists
  • enncouragement to participate in After-School Activities and take additional courses related to focus areas


Students have access to help 5 days a week from our trained faculty

  • Each student is assigned a Life Coach who serves as a contact contact to help pace time and efforts both in online courses and in studio curriculum.  

  • Arts Faculty are available in site-based classes weekly as well as though the Google Classroom during non-class hours.

  • Academic Faculty are available throughout the week for tutoring and questions pertaining to their online work.

  • Counselors and administration visit sites during the semester and are readily available online via communication/chat.

"I'm honored and excited to be helping facilitate such an amazing educational opportunity for these exceptional students." - Danielle Heller

Welcome New Students!

We're delighted to offer this program to the burgeoning artists and creatives in our community!  If you're seeking a high quality, unique and specialized education to help support and even launch your young, creative professional, we hope you'll join us!


Students audition into one of our 4 Tracks:  Circus Arts, Dance Arts, Film Arts, Theater Arts.  Auditions focus on placement, not exclusion of any student.  Full details are found on the official Arts Immersion website.  There are NO upcoming auditions - contact us directly about enrollment.

our Schedule

monday - friday   8am - 3pm

When students are not in Track classes they are welcome to remain on-site, though not required.

Students spend 3 hours immersed in their select art form.  
The remainder of the day is spent on:

  • on-line core classes through the PLATO Curriculum platform
  • concurrent enrollment college credit (if applicable)
  • collaborative artistic groups and/or field trip


Monday - Thursday  8-11am

Circus Arts Track and Dance Art Track classes.  Afternoon Academics.

Tuesday/ Thursday  12-3pm

Film Arts Track.  Morning Academics.

Monday/ Wednesday  12-3pm

Theater Arts.  Morning Academics.

Fridays = Flex Days

Students can attend field trips, work on individual or collaborative projects or on online curriculum.


Arts Explore Days

3 times each semester (Fridays from 8:30-1pm) we invite a variety of quest artists and our current faculty to conduct masterclasses.  These offer students an opportunity to expand creative perspective and enjoy different art classes.

Shadow Days

Prospective students are welcome to join us on regular school days, take class and experience Arts Immersion environment.    * Contact Beth Campbell at 719-582-7267.

Dance Arts : Track Description

Students graduating from Arts Immersion as dance art majors are strategically prepared to navigate their next steps, either into a university fine arts degree or to embark on company auditions directly after high school. Our dance majors are informed, focused and organized and have a comprehensive understanding of the dance industry upon graduation.  Arts Immersion’s dance arts curriculum, which fulfills all Colorado state standards, nurtures critical thinking and engages problem solving skills. Our students are encouraged to share their point of view and are guided to articulate their thoughts in an intelligent manner. Our graduates take with them real career knowledge based in courses such as Dance History, Contemporary Studies and Dance Crafting. Students own a working understanding of their bodies as it relates to movement and dancer health from our Kinesiology and Anatomy course. Students exit Arts Immersion with up to 24 college credit hours and highly developed time management skills. Students learn to be competent in dance techniques that are represented in the current dance industry and universities. Students are offered opportunities to travel internationally to prestigious learning institution, conservatories and dance companies to broaden their horizons and increase practical knowledge. Before graduation, all student engage in capstone courses such as College and Careers and Senior Project, which are specifically designed to reflect and prepare the next steps. Arts Immersion’s dance art majors are offered a unique educational experience engaging in rigorous academics in a structured and question-friendly environment giving them a cutting edge advantage in a competitive dance industry. 

  photo:  Nathan Rigaud

photo:  Nathan Rigaud

Danielle Heller | Lead Dance Faculty 


Graduate: Education, Capella University
Undergraduate: Colorado State University Certificates
Endorsed to teach Dance & German,
National Tap Dance Ensemble Teacher Training

Teaching Experience 

Peak Academy of Dance: 1993-Present
Red Rocks Community College: 2012-Present
Jefferson County: 1994-1996
Conferences/Master Classes: National Tap Dance Ensemble
Leap and Learn Teachers Conference, Colorado State University,
Denver School of the Arts, National Dance Education Organization 

Professional Experience

Rhythm Tree Tap Company: 2007-Present
Women In Tap: Taps are Talking: 1996-2008
Dance Endorsement, Committee Chair
Colorado Curriculum/Assessment Team
Colorado Dance Education Organization 

Hannah Claassen | Dance Faculty

Hannah attended Denver school of the Arts in its inaugural year and was in the first graduating class to go all the way from sixth through twelfth grade. Hannah has extensive ballet and modern dance training studying with Larry Boyette, Kathy Thibodeaux, Paul Fiorino, and Kim Robards. She danced professionally performing and teaching with Kim Robards Dance and went on to gain her BFA in Modern Dance from The University of Utah. While in Utah working with renowned artists as Stephen Koester, Abby Fiat, Donna White and reproductions of the works of Hanya Holm. As well as performing with Repertory Dance Theatre for the arts performances during the 2002 Winter Olympics.

Hannah went on to teach with Dance Tech Studios in Park City Utah, and with the Tanner Dance program through the University of Utah with extensive teaching in the public schools with curriculum supported movement and in the formal studio class setting. Hannah has also been a frequent movement coach and choreographer for Northglenn Youth Theatre.

 After 15+ years of teaching Hannah’s classroom approach is a solid mix of nurture, humor, history, discover of self, and inner motivation. She strives to create a space where students can be themselves and make mistakes believing that dance is an excellent outlet for expression, problem solving, collaboration, self-awareness and self-discipline.  She believes, there is no greater pleasure then helping someone discover what has been within themselves the whole time, and how to harness that power for good.

In the words of one of her students, “Hannah what you have taught me, about keeping my head held high, loving all, laughing more, truly appreciating myself, and dancing with my spirit… I will carry in my heart always. You have truly changed my life….Whenever I am on stage you will be in my every move and with every beat of my heart. Thank you for all you have given me.”

In addition to dance Hannah is a skilled barista with extensive management experience and a professional long-arm quilter owning her own business using fabric and thread to bring joy to the world. She loves being a member of this mountain community and looks forward sharing the arts within this beautiful setting.

Circus Arts : Track Description

Students will come out of this program with an understanding of the laws governing the interaction of the human body and apparatus' used in circus based performing. This understanding will lead the performer to a creative and inventive use of their own movements needed to create compositions. Circus skills and arts have become a highly sought after and well recognized performance base used extensively in mainstream productions: Broadway Musicals, Las Vegas Performance Residencies, Cruise ships, independent productions, cultural events and the Circus. Through work with extraordinary on site teachers and professional guest artists, students will receive an elevated comprehensive learning experience in a safe and supportive environment. Upon graduation students will have obtained a core knowledge and mastery of aerial fundamentals, along with exposure to juggling, acrobatics, clowning, hooping, stilt walking, and body balancing. The breadth of their experience in this program will allow students to audition for specific roles in the professional performance world or continue their education in a formal professional track scenario. 

Calgary Anselment  |  Lead Circus Faculty

Calgary Anselment is an experienced performer, who has explored different styles of dance for over 20 years. Growing up in Colorado she shares roots with our mountain community. Having varied experiences from performing with Dance Anova and Eminence Dance Project, to sharing the stage with stars at sea on Royal Caribbean Ships, to competing on nationally ranked dance teams, she now enjoys teaching the joy of dancing in the air, with Aerial silks. Calgary hopes to inspire and encourage her students to try new things and meet there fullest potential. Calgary has been on our Peak Academy staff for ten years and says "she loves every minute of it" .


"The actor has to develop his body. The actor has to work on his voice. But the most important thing the actor has to work on is his mind."  - Stella Adler

This unique program allows students who are truly serious about their craft to embark on a different path as they navigate Middle School and High School. They can begin to learn now much of what is only covered in a college program. Our students will learn 2500 years of theatre history, read plays and be able to intelligently discuss the different genres, cultures and time periods of what they have read. They will take practical labs in directing, make-up design, stagecraft and more. Exploring many acting techniques and methods, including Stanislavski and Meisner, will encourage them to find what works best for them as an individual actor. Engaging the body, voice and mind to achieve their personal best in the Theatre Arts will enable them to be successful at the next level, whether that be college, community or professional theatre.

Dyan Roosma  |  Lead Theater Faculty 


Bachelor of Arts in Theatre/Drama, Grand Canyon University 

Teaching Experience

Acting, Age 8-18, Live Theatre Workshop
Musical Theatre, Age 6-18
Live Theatre Workshop Classics, Age 14-18,
Live Theatre Workshop Arts For All Program, Elementary School, Tucson Unified School District

Over the last 8 years, Dyan has worked with High Risk and Developmentally Traumatized youth on creating workable behavioral and educational plans in both mainstream and alternative schools. 

Professional Experience

Company Member - All Together Theatre 10 years
Director - All Together Theatre, 3 years
Company Member - Live Theatre Workshop, 10 years 

Film Arts : Track Description

Students will come out of this program with an understanding of critical study and analysis along with basic video production techniques, workflows, and potential career pathways. Cinema is a language in and of itself and must be considered on its own terms. It is a complicated interaction between photography, theatre, music/audio, writing and technology. Competence in this field requires an understanding of all facets of the medium. This program will focus on developing the skills necessary to unpack and understand how each of these components come together to create a given film, giving students the skills to perceive and understand cinema on a deep level. In tandem, students will be exposed to the technologies, practices and tools of the trade, they will work together in teams simulating real world production environments. Upon graduation students will have a significant body of work from which to draw including videos, reviews, and analytical essays. The objective of this program is to give student the experience to make a decision about if and how they would like to pursue film in higher education and/or professionally, along with the tools and materials necessary to be successful in whatever pathway they choose.


  photo:  Nadine Montoya-Donoho

photo:  Nadine Montoya-Donoho

Travis Loving  |  Lead Film Faculty 


Bachelor of Arts in Film Studies, CU
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film Studies, CU 

Teaching Experience

Scan-Cad International: Training/Education, 5 years
Peak Academy of Dance: Tap and Salsa, 8 years 

Professional Experience

Associate Producer: College Pranks
Post Production Coordinator: The GI’s of Comedy: Task Force Funny Tour
Audio Engineer and Colorist: Urban Conversion

In addition to the above, Travis Loving founded a local video production company focused on providing video production services and consulting for the creation of educational, promotional or commercial content.